Having an AMP Smart Security system installed in your home will give you the protection your family and your valuables need 24/7. While having our home security system and accessories installed can prevent break-ins you still need to know what to do if your alarm does go off due to an unwanted guest, flood, or fire. Below are steps you should follow after your alarm sounds.


Plan of Action

When your alarm sounds you are faced with a decision. To confront or hide from the intruder breaking into your home. The best plan of action is of course to hide. While you may have experience and training with guns and other self-defense weapons you never know what the intruder has with them. It is always best to find a safe area in your home to hide. Make sure your family is well rehearsed as to what they should do in case of a break-in as well.


Grab your Phone

Having an AMP Smart Security system allows coverage of your home with 24/7 monitoring. This means you should be expecting a call from a security representative to check on your status and inform you of why your alarm has been triggered. They can then connect you to the proper authorities who can walk you through the steps you need to take.


Designate a Safe Room

You should designate a safe area in your home in case a break-in does occur. This will be a room where your family will know to go when your alarm does go off.  Try to choose a room that’s as far away from potential intrusion spots as possible (i.e., doors and windows), and practice a few drills with your family so that everyone knows how to quickly gather in your safe room. A few simple preparations can help you equip your safe room and make it even more secure.


Knowing what to do when your alarm is triggered could save you and your family’s life. Remembering the steps above and practicing with your family will help in your preparedness. We at AMP Smart Security can help you in all of your safety and security needs. Call us today for more information on our current offers.