As the weather starts to get warmer we need to be prepared for the amount of rain and snow run off that spring could bring us. Knowing what to do in case a flood does occur will help you to keep your home and family safe. A home security system with AMP Security can help you even further by notifying you of any flooding that is occurring in your home. While it is wise to know what you should do during a flood you also want to know what not to do. Below is a list of what you need to avoid doing during a flood.


Avoid Driving Through Flood Waters

Flood waters have a tendency to gather in lower areas of roadways causing closures. While it may seem tempting you will want to avoid driving through flood waters. You never know how deep the water actually is, if there are hidden debris that can cause damage to your car, or if the current could pick up and move your car. Instead you will want to wait it out or find an alternate route.


Avoid Using Electricity

If flood waters do end up creeping into your home you need to be cautious when it comes to using electricity. If water has crept into electrical outlets or currents, you could be electrocuted. Also, don’t assume your entire house has lost power; some areas may still have live electricity. As always, never touch wires that have been downed by a storm, whether in water or not, because they could still be live.


Avoid Getting in Flood Waters

As stated before you never know how deep or how strong the flood waters could be. Unless there is an extreme emergency you should avoid wading in the flood waters. Too often we see people being swept away in the current of flood waters.


Don’t Ignore Flood Warnings

When extreme weather hits you will want to stay up to date on the severity of the storm. If flood warnings are issued in your area you should listen to the advice of experts. If evacuations are necessary you should evacuate. Keep your phone handy or a TV on the weather channel to keep up to date on the status of the flooding.


Knowing what not to do in a flood will help you in avoiding disaster. By taking the proper precautions and protecting your home with the help of an AMP Security System you can stay one step ahead of the rest. For more information about our home security systems or keeping your home safe from unexpected disasters, check our website and give us a call today.