geofencing in nyc

You have probably been there before. You’ve been away from the house all day long, it has gotten dark, it has been a long day, and you want to roll into your home and relax. Except you (wisely) turned down the thermostat to save energy and avoid heating an empty house. Now that you have arrived, you need to turn on the interior lights, get the porch light on, get the temperature right, and turn on your preferred electronics. You open the garage door and disarm the home security alarm for your arrival.

After a long day, you tend to wish all of these things could be done in one step, or better yet, done for you so you can just pull up, walk in, and relax.

Well, you can. You can have it all done for you using the geofencing capabilities of your AMP Smart home automated system. Geofencing is a brilliant way to set your home for a variety of scenarios so your house can welcome you home. And it can do so in a variety of ways, depending on the time, day, and circumstances of your arrival. Sound amazing? It kind of is.


Your house welcomes you home

To get an idea of how geofencing can make your life easier, let’s take a look at the scenario above. You can set your geofence at a certain distance, let’s say 1,000 feet. When you and your phone, armed with the latest AMP Smart mobile app, come within that distance, your house receives the signal that you are about to arrive. Like a plane approaching the landing strip, the ground crew gets ready for arrival. The lights turn on (you don’t have to worry about the porch light anymore because you programmed it to turn on when it gets dark). The thermostat sets to your preferred 70 degrees and starts to get the house feeling just right. The TV turns on and your favorite program starts to load. It will wait to start until you get into the room. The garage door will open when you reach the next perimeter of your geofence, perhaps 50 feet.

How’s that for a warm welcome after a long day?


Customize all you want

Geofencing gives you the ability to customize your system all you want. You can set it to do different things at different times of day, days of the week, times of the year, etc. You might not need the lights to come on when you get home at 6 pm in July, but you do in January. Same with the temperature. You probably don’t want the TV to fire up when you arrive home for a quick stop mid-morning like you would at the end of the day. You might not even want the garage to open if you just plan on running in the front door for the thermos you forgot to grab on your way out.

The possibilities are incredible and growing all the time. Each person in your household can have different settings. Your teenager might not need the garage to open upon arrival, but it would be great if the front door unlocked when he or she gets within ten feet of it. Done. Maybe you work at home and want the coffee maker to start a new pot when you get back from dropping the kids at school. You got it.

Geofencing can do just about anything you want it to do. The key is to surf the app for all the options available, ask plenty of questions when you get your system installed, and use your imagination. The last step is the best of all–enjoy the convenience, security, and fun of using geofencing to make life a bit easier.