Spanish Style Home with 3 Car Garage

When assessing the security of your home you need to make sure you have all areas of the house covered. This is especially true when it comes to your garage. This area of the house is the easiest way to gain access into your home. With the help of an AMP Alarm System and the tips listed below you can rest easy knowing your garage is just as secure as the rest of your home.


Install a Security System

First and foremost you will want to install an AMP Alarm System. We can secure every area of your home with 24/7 monitoring. Our system accessories can detect anything from fires to an unwanted open window. As soon as a break-in is detected our alarm system will contact you and the proper authorities.


Motion Detector Lights

Motion detector lights are a great way to deter any prying eyes or possible intruders. Most intruders will avoid well-lit areas. Motion detectors are infrared waves that detect body temperature and moving objects. Warm objects, like animals, cars, and people are detected by motion lights. When motion is detected, a light turns on and stays on for a preset time. The light then shuts offs, unless motion is detected.


Securing the Garage Door

The garage door is something you should be paying special attention to when it comes to securing your home. Make sure your garage door securely locks, which can include a deadbolt, having more than one lock, or putting in padlocks with a programmed entry code. The door should also be made of a sturdy material. Fiberglass, solid wood, solid wood core, or metal doors are best.


Keep Windows Covered

If your garage comes equipped with windows you will want to make sure you keep them covered. Prying eyes can peek into your garage to figure out what kind of valuables you may have stored inside or to find a way to gain access to your home.


Securing your garage is easy to do with the tips listed above and an AMP Alarm System from AMP Smart Security. For more information or tips when it comes to securing your home make sure you check out our website.