The arrival of a baby often comes with a lot of changes. Not only will your life change dramatically, but your home will change as well. Before your bundle of joy becomes mobile you will want to make sure your home is a safe place for your child to explore. We at AMP Security can provide you with a high quality alarm system to protect your child from the unexpected, but it is up to you to baby proof the rest of your home. We have provided some steps you should consider taking when it comes to babyproofing your home.


The Crib

Your child’s crib will be where they spend the majority of their time. Babies will sleep a lot and need to do so in a safe area. Make sure you have only what is necessary in the crib with your child. Avoid using blankets and pillows when your child is still young and learning how to move and pick themselves up. Make sure you don’t have any pictures are decorations hanging above the crib that could be knocked down or grabbed by little hands. As your baby grows make sure the mattress in the crib is adjusted to the right height so they can’t climb out of their crib.


The Nursery

Your child’s nursery should be a place they can safely grow and explore. Get down on their level and see what exploring could get your mobile baby into trouble. Every electrical outlet should be covered. Cords should be tied up and out of reach. Install window guards to keep your child from climbing up on the window ledges. Install anti-tip restraints to all of the furniture you have in your nursery, especially on tall dressers and bookshelves.


The Bathroom

The bathroom can be a magical world full of interesting gadgets to get into for your child. To protect them from any harm you need to make sure anything that could be harmful is out of their reach. Install baby proof locks on the cupboards and toilet. Keep sharp objects and toxic products away from their hands and mouth. When it comes to bath time make sure they are always being watched and the water is at the correct temperature.


Baby proofing your home can be intense, but it will be worth it when your little one starts to show an interest in everything around them. When it comes to giving your baby the best protection you can trust AMP Security to provide you with an alarm system that monitors your home 24/7. Call us today to learn more about our alarm systems and how you can protect your home and the ones you love.