We at AMP Security want to keep you safe no matter where you are. While our alarm systems are keeping your home and valuables safe, we continue to gather tips and tricks to use while you are away from home to keep you safe in your travels. Below are a few tips to use when you are traveling abroad.


Be Prepared

Before departing on your trip you will want to make sure to make copies of your passport, credit card, travel itinerary, and medical cards. Give a copy to a friend and email a digital copy to yourself. This way you have all of your bases covered if you were to lose any of these necessary materials while you are away.


Keep a Schedule

It’s true what they say, nothing good happens after 2 am. It is always best to keep a schedule that keeps you out during the day and safely tucked away in your room at nightfall. This will keep you from getting into any unpredictable situations.


Don’t make yourself an Easy Target

While traveling you will always want to keep your eyes up and pay attention to what is going on around you. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted and allow ease of access to your wallet or pack. Don’t get sloppy and drunk while enjoying the nightlife. You will only draw attention to yourself and make it known that you are tourist.


Don’t Flash your Valuables

When it comes to toting around your valuable jewelry and cameras while traveling you might want to consider leaving them at home. Trade in your fancy jewelry with ones that are less valuable and won’t be devastating if they were taken or lost. Instead of bringing your most expensive camera, go for one that is cheaper and a little more durable.


It is always a good idea to be as prepared as possible when you are traveling abroad. Use your commonsense and make sure you can return home safely. The alarm systems at AMP Security will give you the peace of mind you need while you are out seeing the world with 24/7 monitoring protecting your home from any harm. For more information regarding the safety of your home call or visit with one of our sales representatives today.