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Keep your home safe by securing your doors. Bluetooth and Z-Wave connection allows for complete control from your home or on-the-go! Create custom user codes for each user, lock/unlock from your phone, get notifications when the door is opened, and even configure with Bluetooth to unlock for you when you approach the door. Our smart locks integrate with your AMP system, giving you a one of a kind smart home and security experience.

Having a smart door lock is key for homeowners looking to protect their home from unauthorized entrance. Make sure you know who is entering your home. Configure your system to announce each time the door is opened and send a notification to your phone. Use your door lock together with your cameras to receive a recording of who comes and goes from the home. Create user codes for people who need access to the door without giving them access to the rest of your security system.

Smart locks also provide users with a new level of convenience. Never worry about losing your key again, simply enter your user code and the door will unlock! With Bluetooth disarming, as you approach the door and disarm the system and even unlock the door, without pushing a single button. When your device comes near, the system sends a signal to the other devices letting them know you have arrived.


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