The deadbolt you have installed on your door probably works. It locks and unlocks and for many people, that’s enough. It fulfills its purpose of keeping out unwanted guests.

The idea of upgrading your current lock to a smart door lock may be in the back of your mind. If you’re just not sure that’s the next step for your home security, you’re not alone. For many, lock and key is the tried and tested method that works for them.

But did you know adding smart door locks to your home can help ease even the simplest tasks you do every single day? If you’re stuck in your bathroom and aren’t sure if you locked the door, you can double check and lock it using your phone.

While not all smart locks are created equal, they do provide advantages for everyone. Here at Amp Smart, we’re an authority on this subject and put together a short list to help you figure out if smart door locks are for you.


Another Level of Safety

If you have some sort of camera aimed at your front door, a smart lock can add another level of security for you.

Let’s say a family member or friend comes to your home for a visit. If you aren’t there or are unable to make it to the door, you can tap a button on your app and let them in, enhancing your security setup.

Smart locks allow you to store data on your phone on which person is allowed to enter your home. Smart locks also send you updates if anyone tampers with the lock so you’re aware if someone tries to break into your home.


Share Your Keys

With smart locks, the days of struggling with a key ring to give a guest the key to your house are long gone. Instead, you can send an eKey to them. They no longer have to wait outside in the cold and dark.


Forget Fumbling

We’re not talking about football, here. Picture for a moment that you’ve decided to lug in all the groceries in one trip (you don’t want to have to go back). But you realize you left your phone or keys in your pocket. Many smart locks detect your presence and automatically unlock as you approach.


Convenience for Others

Along with helping guests into your home, smart door locks are able to help others around your home who are elderly or otherwise physically impaired. Since smart locks are controlled with apps, those members of your family won’t have to struggle with keys or be near the door to open it.

You can’t put a price on your security. That’s why adding a smart lock may be the natural next step for your home and family. The technology has come a long way and while they are more expensive, smart locks make life a little bit easier.

Still have questions about smart door locks? The expert at AMP Smart will tackle any question you have. Give us a call to learn more about making your home a smart home.