Leaving the comforts of your home and embarking on the adventure that is college can be a daunting task. While you are protected at home with an AMP Alarm System you are responsible for your safety and security while staying in your new dorm room. We want to help you in feeling safe in your new space so we have gathered some tips for you to try while you are away from home.


Lock it Up

It is so important to always keep your dorm room locked. No matter if you are just stepping out for a few minutes or a few hours, you want to get into the habit of keeping your door locked. All of your valuables are stored within one place within your dorm room, leaving an unlocked door unsupervised makes it all too easy for thieves. If you are sharing your dorm room, make sure your roommate has a key. Never leave your dorm unlocked waiting for your roommate to come in. While you are at it you need to make sure the windows to your room are locked as well. This is especially important when you have a dorm room on the bottom floor.


Hide your Valuables

Often times we are expected to bring some pricey items with us to our dorm rooms. You will need to find a place for these items that is out of sight and secure when you aren’t using them. Bringing and using a safe in your room is perfect for your smaller valuables. For larger items you will want to have them registered with the security office at your campus and have them insured.


Protect Yourself

To give you some added security you can always purchase motion sensor door and window alarms. These are a smaller and cheaper version of an AMP Alarm System but can still get the job done when it comes to notifying you of an intruder. It is always a good idea to have self-defense spray on hand. These are the best at stopping anyone who means you harm in their tracks.


College and dorm life living can be a great experience. Take the time to take care of yourself, your safety, and the security of your dorm room. By following the tips above you can rest easy knowing you are safe and secure in the comfort of your dorm.