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You might think that as a renter of a home you don’t have the capability of getting the necessary home security you might need. AMP Security Company can help you in providing the security assistance you and your landlord need for your home. Below are just some of the ways you can add additional home security to your rental home.


Change the Locks

When you officially move into your new rental make sure you take the time to change all the locks that allow access into your home. There is always a chance there are extra keys floating around from previous renters. With the permission of your landlord you can easily change out the locks in your home to add that extra level of security.


Make your Home look lived in

Burglars will target homes that look like they are unoccupied for large amounts of time. The easiest way to make it appear that someone is home at all times is by investing in a lighting system that is controlled by a timer. This will turn on and off various lights in your home and make it appear it is occupied while you are away. Some of these systems can easily be controlled via your smart phone.


Secure your Windows and Doors

When you are doing your walk-through with your landlord you will want to remember to check the locks on all the windows and doors. Notify your landlord of any that need to be fixed or replaced before moving in. Take the time to add another level of security by placing wooden rods in the slots of windows and sliding glass doors so intruders are unable to get into your home easily.


Invest in a Safe

The best way to keep your prized valuables and important paperwork out of reach is by buying a safe. These are another added level of security to help you in resting easy knowing that your valuables are protected.


Alarm Systems

An alarm system with AMP Security Company is the best way to go when it comes to all around security for your rental home. Talk and discuss with your landlord the possibility of having a home security system installed. You might also want to consider adding the security accessories that tie into your home security system for an added layer of protection.


We at AMP Security Company are always there to help you with all of your home security needs, no matter if you are renting or have purchased a home of your own. Call us today to learn more about our alarm systems and how they can help you in protecting what you love.