The Threat is Real

Every 15 seconds, there is a burglary somewhere in the United States. This is a frightening thought for pretty much everyone; we all want to keep our families and our things safe. Professional burglars are good at what they do, and they should not be taken lightly. However, there are a number of things you can do to prevent illegal access to your home. Protecting your home starts with the power of knowledge–in this case, knowing how burglars often choose the homes they want to prey on.


1. Focus on Common Entry Points for Burglars

Burglars are smart. They don’t look for houses that are locked up tight, where they have to break and enter. Instead, they look for things that are open: windows, doors, and even pet flaps. It’s especially helpful to the burglar if your windows are uncovered all the time, because from that they can learn the layout of a home and see more possible entry points. So what should you do? Make sure that all of your windows and doors and locked, especially when you are away or at night. If you don’t need something open, lock it now–that way, you can’t forget later.


2. Don’t Announce When You Are Leaving Home

It’s exciting to plan that trip to Disneyland, and you want to tell all of your friends about it. The danger, though, comes in the telling–especially if you post about it on social media. Often, unprotected social media accounts or accounts with friends or followers you don’t know well and trust are an easy way for burglars to learn when you’re leaving and for how long. This provides them with all too easy a target. So tempting as it is to tell everyone that you’re going, instead, wait and tell them that you’ve gone and come back!

Another time to use common sense and protect your home can be when you’re simply out for the day. If you’re running to the grocery store and no one will be home, it certainly can’t hurt to lock the doors behind you, and make sure your windows are closed. Better safe than sorry!


3. Make Things Harder for Thieves to Access

In the event that your home is burglarized, make things as hard as possible for the thieves. Store safes and lockboxes in hard-to-find or even hard-to-access places (the basement is recommended for protection from fire.) Store your ladders and tools in a locked garage or another hard-to-enter place to avoid having them used in the burglary. Make sure any personal information (bills, old computer hard drives) are properly shredded or otherwise destroyed before they make it into the trash to avoid identity theft.

For even greater protection against would-be burglars, consider a home security system to both deter thieves and to catch them if they do arrive. Keep your home safe.