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There are many myths about home security systems. For example, there’s an idea (a fear, really) that they just don’t work because burglars will always find a way around them. People think the burglars will cut security wires and use the latest technology to beat the system.

But the truth is that if burglars see a sign in your yard, or some other evidence that you have a home security system, they’ll almost always skip your house. Burglars are usually desperate amateurs looking for an easy target that takes sixty seconds or less to enter. They simply don’t want to get caught.


Don’t Make It Easy for Burglars

So, if you make it difficult for them, they’ll retreat. This can be done especially well by getting a good, highly-visible home security system. A system like an AMP Smart Home uses wireless technology–there are no external wires to cut. Also, data is highly encrypted and secure. It’s often connected to exterior cameras that are easy to see and therefore can deter robbers. It connects to smart locks. It connects to sensors that detect signs of a break-in. So, thieves know when they see the AMP Smart sign that it’s just easier to move on.


Where and When Do Thieves Strike?

Other myths involve what locations and times thieves target. People think that thieves work at night, under cover of darkness. Actually, day makes thieves look less suspicious and leaves homes vulnerable while residents are working or going to school.

Additionally, there is the idea that in a good neighborhood, the police will protect you from robbery. But if a robbery happens fast and the thief escapes, the police aren’t able to respond in time.

Home video surveillance changes the equation. If your home alarm goes off and sends an alert to the police, the police look at the video and verify that a robbery is in progress. Then, they can respond quickly and have a chance of capturing the intruder.

Some people think that a security system won’t give them peace of mind. But you’d be surprised what a great system can do–even without spending a lot. An AMP Smart system is personalized to your tastes and unique situation with an Android operating system. It can be connected to your phone with the AMP Smart Mobile App, giving you control, surveillance, and peace of mind wherever you are.