When it comes to home security you will want to make sure all areas of your home are protected, including your basement. Burglars will look for any way to get into your home, and basement windows are a great way to sneak in undetected. We at AMP Security in Utah can help you in all aspects of home security. We have gathered some tips you can try when it comes to making sure your basement is secure.


Don’t Hide your Windows

Having basement windows that are visible from the outside of your house is what will keep home intruders from breaking into your basement. Having windows that can be seen from the street or by your neighbors will deter anyone from breaking in. Avoid planting any shrubbery or flowers that hide your windows, this just gives home intruders a place to hide.


Use Shatterproof Glass

When it comes to your basement windows you will want to invest in a shatterproof glass. Glass that is hard to smash or that needs to be hit multiple times will usually be avoided by burglars. You can even add security film to your window to help secure it even more. Security film is a layer of polyester which is placed inside the window. If the glass is broken, the inner layer will hold the pieces together. The broken pieces of glass, stuck together, can inhibit a burglar.


Take Advantage of Your Home Security System

Having a home security system with AMP Security in Utah will help you in keeping all areas of your home safe. Something as little as having one of our home security signs placed out front of your home can help in deterring home intruders. We can even provide you with motion sensors that detect the movement of a window or a large space.


Make the Window Impossible to Sneak Through

If a burglar does attempt to sneak into your home via the basement window you will want to make the process as difficult as possible for them. Placing large furniture, plants, or even loud toys in front of your basement window can help to alert you to a break in.


All the entryways in your home need to be protected, including your basement. You can get the protection you need with the help of a home security system from AMP Security in Utah. Check out our website for more information on our systems and the accessories you can add.