Keeping your home safe and secure is probably on the top of your to-do list. Having a secure home means you can rest easy knowing all of your valuables and family members are safe and secure. We at AMP Security can help you in achieving this goal. Our home security systems will give you the 24/7 monitoring of your home you need. While you are going through your safety checklist you may want to take a look at the less common home security tips listed below to make sure your home is being thoroughly protected.

  • Avoid notes on the front door. While it may seem like a good idea if you had to leave the house and you are expecting company, it can be an easy and very noticeable sign to potential burglars letting them know you aren’t home.
  • Double check all of your window and door locks after you have visitors, salesmen, cleaners, etc. enter your home. If they are planning on breaking into your home at a later time they will leave an easy way to get in without you noticing.
  • Get the most out of your alarm system with AMP Security by using the available accessories tied to your alarm system. These include window sensors and motion sensors that can notify you of unwanted activity.
  • When hiding your valuables, do so in areas that are less common such as basements, attics, and kids rooms. Burglars are less likely to enter these areas of the home.
  • Leave lights on whenever possible while you are away from the home. Setting your lights on a timer will make it look like someone is always home and deter thieves from entering.
  • Use interior door hinges. Door hinges located on the outside of your home are too easy to break and allow access into your home.
  • Keep your vehicles locked. This is especially important to do even if you have your car parked in your garage. Thieves will go to the car first to look for valuables and a set of keys to allow for easy access into your home.


Taking the time to think about the less common safety precautions you can take in protecting your home will make sure you, your valuables, and your family are protected at all times. Get the necessary protection you need with the help of an alarm system from AMP Security. We have a variety of home security systems and accessories to choose from to suit your needs and lifestyle. Call us today for more information.