We at AMP Security care about your safety whether you are in the comfort of your home or away at college. While we may not be able to provide you with an alarm system for your dorm, we can give you some tips to follow while you are away at college.

Register your Valuables

If you must take your valuables with you, it is always a good idea to have them registered. You can easily do this by taking pictures of your items along with any serial numbers or personal identification numbers. Keep these pictures at home in case you need them in the future. Most schools will have a registration system in place with the campus police in case your item was indeed stolen. Taking advantage of this may help you in retrieving your stolen items.

Keep your Phone Close

With the capabilities of your smart phone you want to make sure you are keeping it close at hand and password protected at all times. If you have apps that automatically sign in you really need to keep your phone locked down as much as possible. Protecting it with a lock code or a need for a fingerprint each time you open the main screen will deter any thieves from trying to steal your information.

Lock it up

When keeping your valuables in your dorm room, you want to make sure you are keeping them locked up. Purchasing a small safe or lockbox can help you in protecting your expensive valuables. When it comes to items you use more often, like your laptop, make sure you keep your room locked at all times.

Don’t leave it out in the Open

Leaving your valuables in plain sight is too tempting to those with sticky fingers. Be especially aware of where your phone, wallet, and keys are at all times. Instead of carrying your cash and cards in your backpack, keep it as close to you as you can. Keep items in your front pocket or in a small purse around your neck instead.

While we at AMP Security wish we could install a home alarm system everywhere you stay, you will just have to take the extra precautions when it comes to keeping yourself and your valuables safe while you are away at college. If possible, leave the priciest of items at home and protect them with a home security system. Our systems will notify you instantly of any suspicious activity or damage to your home while you are away. Talk to one of our sales representatives today to learn more about our home security systems.