home security

Keeping our families safe is one of our top priorities. It is on the mind of every household and every homeowner. Despite the fact that the world has gotten safer in many ways over recent decades, there are still a lot of threats out there. To give your home and family the safety they need, and you the peace of mind you crave, adding a home security system  to your home automation is the way to go. The many features that smart home technology offers will help you accomplish your home safety goals.


Deter Crime

First, home security systems will do just what the name implies. You can keep your home secure from threats. The first threat to your home that often comes to mind is burglary. A smart home security system helps deter property crime in a number of ways. First, you can arm your home with cameras and smart door and window locks that you can monitor remotely. You can check on your home using your smartphone at any time, and you can get alerts whenever your security system detects something.


Safe Access for the Delivery Guy

You can also use your system to provide maintenance and delivery people with smart access to your home. By giving a one-time entry code, you don’t have to worry about that code falling into the wrong hands and being used to enter your home another time. You can also give each family member unique codes or use geofencing to provide them with easy access to your home, and to know when they come and go.


Motion Detection & Alerts

Those same monitors use motion detection to alert you when someone approaches your home when you are away or at night when everyone is asleep. That peace of mind will help you rest easy.

The video cameras connected to your system help you monitor who comes and goes when you are gone. Video doorbells also let you know who is at the door before you go to answer it. This adds another element of security to your home.


Smoke & Fire Detection

Another vital way to keep your family and home safe is through effective smoke and fire detection. A smart security system includes detectors that are ultra-sensitive to smoke. They also detect the rapid rises in heat that accompany fires. Smart smoke detectors monitor your home 24/7 and keep you aware of what is happening in and around your home, whether you are at work or away for several days on vacation. The system will also notify authorities when they detect a problem so your home will receive a rapid response.


Protection for the Whole Home

Your family and your home are the most important things to you. Keeping them safe is of paramount importance. Smart home technology gives you the latest tools to protect your family and home from any threat. From home invasion to fire, you can rest assured that you are covered and in control.