While credit cards provide us with ease when it comes to shopping and paying our bills, it opens up the door to potential credit card fraud.  We at AMP Security pride ourselves on keeping you and your family safe in all aspects of your life. While we take care of your home with our 24/7 monitoring systems, it is up to you to keep the other aspects of your life secure. We can help by providing you with some tips on avoiding credit card fraud.


Keep your Credit Cards Safe

Number one way to avoid credit card fraud is to keep your credit cards safe at all times. Always keep your cards organized in your purse or wallet. Don’t let them leave your side when you are out of the house. Only take the cards you plan on using that day and leave the others at home. Make sure your cards aren’t visible to anyone who may be standing close by. They can easily take a picture of your card number if your cards are hanging around in the open.


Shred Evidence of your Card Numbers

You may receive bills or receipts with your credit card number on it. When disposing of these you need to make sure that you take the time to shred it. All too often we hear of thieves stealing credit card information out of your trash. For added security you can take the shredded paper and place them in different trash bags.


Avoid Giving out your Credit Card Number

The only time it is acceptable to give a credit card number is when you call the company yourself and initiate the service. When you receive calls, emails, or voicemails requesting your card number it is likely a scam. Don’t respond to these calls.


Report Lost Cards Immediately

You will want to contact your bank immediately after discovering you have lost or misplaced your card. It doesn’t matter if it is hiding in your couch or if it was stolen. It is always better to be safe and have a new card issued to you when you can’t find it. Make sure you keep an eye on your bank statements to verify your card isn’t being used by someone else.


Credit card fraud can alter your life drastically. It is always a good idea to stay on top of your bank statements and be wary when purchasing anything online. When it comes to your safety we at AMP Security want to help. For more information about our company and our home security systems give us a call today.