break in

Door and window sensors are perhaps the most important component of a smart home security system. Home security systems exist mainly to protect a home’s points of entry. Your windows and doors are where an intruder is likely to enter—and it’s most often from the front door.

When your security system is in its armed/away mode, the alarm will be activated if a window or door is opened without the alarm being properly disarmed. You will be immediately notified of the suspicious activity from an alert through the app on your smartphone. At that point, you can view the live feed from your home security system’s video cameras, and snapshots from the motion image sensors.

All of your smart home’s security features work together to keep you and your loved ones protected, but they aren’t triggered unless an intrusion is detected from door and window sensors.


At which entry points should you have door and window sensors installed?

All doors and windows on the main level of your home are highly vulnerable to a break-in, and should all be protected. If you have a basement and its exterior windows are not covered with window well covers, they are also easy targets for intruders. Second and third-story windows and doors are less vulnerable because of more difficult accessibility, but could still fall prey to a burglary if there are stairs or a deck nearby.

You can even install glass break sensors to set off your alarm system in the case of a shattered window. If a window is broken, its micro sensor may not trigger an alarm.  


How Do Micro Door and Window Sensors Work?

Micro door and window sensors at AMP Smart have an ultra-low profile that is very difficult for onlookers to see. They are completely wireless with dual batteries for a lengthy 8-10 year battery life.

The sensors are two-piece units. One piece is mounted to the door or window, and the other piece is attached to the entry point’s frame. When the door or window is shut, the sensor pieces are connected with a magnetic field. If the sensor’s magnetic field is broken in the case of a break-in while the system is set to armed/away, the sensor will relay a message to the security system, triggering the alarm.


Safety and Peace of Mind

In the event that your system’s alarm is triggered from a break-in, rest easy with the peace of mind you have knowing that someone will always be there to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The security and automation features of an AMP Smart home give you the convenience you need, and protect you and your loved ones.