Kitchens and bathrooms could be the most dangerous areas of your home when it comes to you beloved pet. You should go through these rooms and make sure they can’t get into anything that may cause them harm. Secure any cabinets that contain hazardous chemicals they may be tempted to eat. Always keep the trash can and toilets shut and secured. Block any small spaces they could crawl into and get stuck in. Get down to their level and view all the surrounds they may be tempted to get into.

Living Room

Living rooms will be a place your pet will most likely spend the majority of its time when it is allowed inside. It is important to make sure they can’t get into anything that may cause them harm in this room as well. Make sure there aren’t any loose electrical wiring that they could bite or get tangled up in. If possible, remove any fragile items that could be knocked down by a curious cat or a wagging tail. Do your research on any houseplants you may have in your living room, making sure they aren’t toxic to your pets if they are consumed.


As with the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, you will want to make sure your beloved pet can’t get into anything that could be hazardous to their health. Remove any toxic chemicals from their reach. Make sure all electrical cords are wrapped up and out of the way. Cover up any nooks and crannies that may look inviting to your small pet. Keep them away from the dirty laundry as it is often too tempting to consume.

Making sure your pet is safe with the simple tips above can give you the peace of mind you need. To help you in keeping the rest of your family members safe, you can trust AMP Security to provide you with a home security system. Our systems can be tailored to your needs and lifestyle with the variety of accessories available with our home security systems. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our sales representatives to learn more.