Elderly senior couple arriving home. He is helping her climb slowly up their back porch steps.

As our loved one’s age it is important to consider their safety while they are residing in their homes. We at AMP Smart can help you in providing the protection they need while you are away. Our home security systems have the ability to link to a medical alert system if they need help. Our 24/7 monitoring systems will keep them protected at all times. In addition to providing them with a monitoring system we have also gathered some steps you should take to make sure their living space is hazard free.

Fall Hazards

As we age it will be harder for us to get around. If your loved ones fall when there isn’t someone to help them it could be dangerous to them and their well-being. Go through their home and remove any hazards that could cause them to trip and fall. Make sure all electrical cords aren’t near walk ways. Install hand rails in areas of the home that could be difficult to navigate through. Make sure spills are promptly wiped up and try to avoid using slippery wax products on the floor while cleaning. If needed, you loved one may need a walker to get to each area of their home. Make sure there is a large enough walkway to each of the rooms.

Bathroom Safety

Bathrooms can be hazardous as it gets harder to move around. To help your loved one navigate the bathroom on their own, make sure a light is left on at night. Label hot and cold water faucets appropriately and always provide a helping hand when it comes to bathing. Remove any trip and fall hazards in the bathroom that may make it harder for them to get around. Wet floors, tubs, and counters should be cleaned up promptly.

Drug Safety

Your loved one may need to take prescribed medicine up to a few times a day. To help them not to make any mistakes or avoid confusion go through their medicine and remove anything that isn’t currently on their prescription list or that has expired. Make sure all the prescriptions are properly labeled and taken in the correct amount. It may help to provide them with a pill organizer or a list as to what they need to take and when. Check with their doctor when it comes to mixing prescription drugs with over the counter medications.

Taking the steps to make sure your loved one is properly cared for can give you the peace of mind you need. If they are choosing to live at home either with you or on their own it is always a good idea to have an alarm system installed by AMP Smart. We add that extra level of safety your loved one needs on a daily basis. Call our friendly customer service representatives today to learn more about your alarm systems and their available accessories.