If you have a smart camera inside your home, chances are you’ve looked at other smart home equipment that works with your camera. Technology has progressed so quickly over the years, that the smart home future is already here.

Cameras work hand-in-hand with other smart home devices, making your home secure and giving you a feeling of safety and comfort. But what are these other tools and how do they work with a smart indoor camera?

You have questions, Amp Security has the answers. Check out these five useful tools we found to help you unlock the power of your smart indoor camera.


1. Smart Hubs

Smart hubs, like the Amp Smart Panel, let you see all your smart devices in one area. Many hubs pair with everything: Smart indoor cameras, doorbell cameras, motion sensors, smart locks, and smart light bulbs.

When you install a smart hub, you’ll be directed to download an app on your phone. While there are plenty of excellent apps out there, make sure you do the research to see what hub works with your smart devices. These apps allow you to connect everything without requiring you to jump between other apps on your phone, which is annoying and can be slow to load.

They are the ultimate convenience for your smart home.


2. Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are a great way to protect parts of your home that a camera might not reach. This could be long hallways, your child’s window, or a basement entry. Often, these are a cheaper option to smart cameras.

Instead of placing a camera in a location in the home that rarely sees use, install a motion sensor. You will still get alerts to your mobile device or computer if that connection is broken, and it will keep more money in your wallet.


3. Doorbell Cameras

Still classified as a camera, doorbell security cameras are perfect for the front of your home. The technology inside and out makes these cameras impermeable to weather, so the rain, snow, and heat won’t damage them.

Doorbell cameras are also a great option if you find yourself getting a lot of packages. You can never be too careful when the delivery person leaves your goods on the front porch. Preserve your deliveries by adding this extra layer of protection.


4. Smart Remotes

Would you rather push real buttons instead of working through applications on your phone? Smart remotes and their stations, like ones from Logitech, are loaded with features that let you control almost all of your smart home devices.

The tech is still new and they are expensive, but these remotes have screens on them and you can control everything by remote or on your TV.


5. Smart Lock

The smart devices keep coming with a smart lock for your home. Smart locks allow you the freedom to carry that massive load of groceries in and not fumble with your keys. Also, you can get alerts to your phone if the lock is opened while you’re away. That way, you can jump over to your smart camera and see if someone is in your home.

All of these smart tools play well with security cameras you may already have in your home. If you don’t have anything yet, contact AMP Smart to get started on turning your home into a smart home.