Smoke Detector

When it comes to the protection of your home you will want to make sure you are taking all of the necessary precautions, including your preparedness during a fire. AMP alarm systems are made to help in case of a fire in your home. They will contact the local authorities immediately so you can focus on getting yourself and your family to safety. Below are some fire safety tips you should follow to make sure you are prepared in case of a fire.


Escape Options

No matter where you are in your home you will want to make sure you have several options of possible escape routes. If you are living in a two or three story home you will want to have a safe option of escape if the stairs are inaccessible. Rope ladders that attach to the window sill are a great thing to have on hand. Have your family recite and practice all available escape routes.


Clear Pathways

In order for you to have a successful escape route you will need to make sure there is a clear path at all times. Remove any large furniture or items that could block your access to a door or window. It may help to keep a hallway light on or have nightlights near the exits to illuminate your pathway at night.


Smoke Detectors

Having smoke detectors installed in your home is a must when it comes to fire safety preparedness. These can alert you and your family to a fire before it is too late. Your AMP Alarm System will also help you in alerting the presence of a fire and notify the appropriate authorities for you. Having an alarm system will give you the 24/7 monitoring you need.


Fire Drills

It is always a good idea to regularly practice fire drills with your family. Designate escape routes, practice using rope ladders, and designate an area away from the home that you will all meet. Practicing the routes and actions regularly will help in case of the unexpected were to occur.


While we hope that a fire will never occur in your home, we at AMP Security want you to be prepared. For more information regarding our alarm systems and the features they have, give us a call today.