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Get notified anytime a door or window is opened!

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Get notified anytime a door or window is opened in your home. This customizable sensor works in harmony with your smart system to provide top-notch security and automation. Configure with your cameras to get a video notification whenever someone enters your home. Or, let your system welcome you home by turning on the lights when you open the front door. Door window sensors are the most popular sensors that we offer, and with good reason!

The IQ Mini Door/Window sensor features an ultra slim/compact design and S-Line Encryption. With up to 8 years of battery life, the IQ Mini gives you around the clock protection with little to no maintenance. In addition, the sensor is quick and easy to install, providing top of the line security without the need for invasive equipment installation. This sensor can be installed on a large variety of surfaces and is capable of communicating over extended ranges.

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