Burglar Breaking into Home

We don’t often think our home will be susceptible to break-ins. While you may lock the door or even have a home security system installed with AMP Security in Utah, you need to be aware of the most common weak spots in your home. Adding the extra level of home security in the following areas will help you in protecting your home, valuables, and family.

Garage Doors

Depending on how old your garage door is will determine just how easy it is to break into. If there isn’t a required code or locking system in place you may want to consider having your garage door replaced. Garages connected to your home are usually the first place a home intruder will try to get into. Take the time to make sure your garage door is locked and secure from any potential burglars.


Windows would be the next options for burglars. Even if your windows have locks, the glass could easily be smashed and the lock can be useless. Instead, look for windows or sliding glass doors that require a key to be unlocked. Placing window sensors directly tied into your home security system with AMP Security in Utah will also deter any burglars from entering into your home.


While you can add as many locks as you want to a door, they won’t help if your door isn’t properly installed to the frame of the house. A solid kick or two could easily brake the frame around your door and allow for anyone to enter. If this doesn’t work they will automatically begin searching for your spare key. That is why we don’t recommend leaving a spare key outside for any intruder to find and easily walk into your home.

Now that you know the most common weak spots of a home you can begin to take the necessary precautions to improve the security in these places. Having a home security systems installed by AMP Security in Utah will help. Our systems give your home constant monitoring of your entire home, including the weak spots. Our company works hard to protect what you love most. Call us today to schedule an installation of a home security system that fits your needs.