Best DIY home security system

We understand that you want to be in charge of your home projects, including setting up an alarm system for your home. While there is nothing wrong with hiring a professional service to install your security system, choosing the DIY option allows you to be in control, letting you decide exactly how all the equipment is installed. Plus, you don’t have to pay for a professional service.


However, there are several steps and questions that you need to consider when choosing the best DIY home security equipment for your home.


Consider This

When picking the best DIY home security system, there are several items that you’ll want to consider:


Monitoring System

There are three types of monitoring systems that are on the market currently. Landline is the cheapest, but the least reliable option. Broadband utilizes your internet connection for more reliability. Cellular upload is the most reliable but the most expensive.



There are many smart home automation features that can make your life easier, from linking your system with other devices to adjusting the temperature in your home remotely. Be aware that home automation features usually come in higher tier packages.


Customer Service

You are going to want to choose a company that puts your needs first and offers support when you need it.


Price and Package Features

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to shop around for a company that offers the high-quality features you need for the best price.


Check the Reviews

When considering different options it is always helpful to check what other people who bought the product have said to make sure that it is the best fit for your needs. For example, check out AMP Smart’s reviews to see what people have said.


The AMP Smart Difference

Here at AMP Smart, your security is our number one priority. We offer the best DIY home security equipment at affordable prices. Our two DIY packages are easy and simple to set up within your home.


Both of our packages come with our innovative AMP Smart Panel. This revolutionary piece of technology is the first panel that is as smart as your smartphone. In addition to an easy setup, the AMP Smart Panel:


  • Includes anti-hacking software that prevents photo disarming and more
  • Allows you to remotely lock or unlock your doors
  • Updates itself so you don’t have to worry about it
  • And much more!


Continue reading to learn more about our packages!


Doorbell Camera Package

Our Doorbell Camera Package allows you to protect your home from unwanted visitors. The main feature of this package is, of course, our doorbell camera. With this camera, you can view every visitor who comes to your home, wanted or otherwise. The doorbell camera allows you to see, speak to, and hear visitors in real time. Oh, and it comes with color night vision, too.


This package also comes with multiple door sensors as well as a motion sensor, all of which are extremely durable and will notify you when someone is trying to access your home other than at your front door.


Interior Camera Package

This package allows you to safely monitor the inside of your home and make sure that your family and belongings are safe and sound. Our Interior Camera sends live text alerts and allows you to view your home remotely on your smartphone. You can also access and view recorded clips remotely.


Additionally, our Interior Camera allows you to live stream remotely with 2-way audio. This enables you to speak to any visitor within your home in real time.


With our Interior Camera Package, you can sleep easy knowing that your home is looked after.