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5 Smart Home Conveniences Guaranteed To Improve Your Lifestyle

Complete smart home automation systems are here, but what do they do exactly?

Let’s break it down. A smart home:

  • Is equipped with network-connected products for controlling, automating, and optimizing functions.
  • Uses network-connected products (i.e., “smart products”) to connect to your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or similar protocols.
  • Controls functions such as temperature, lighting, appliances and sprinkler systems, security, and entertainment.
  • Is controlled remotely by a phone, tablet, computer, or a separate system installed within the home. Voice-activated systems are also available. Some products even program themselves through adapted learning.
  • Must have a reliable internet connection.

It can feel intimidating to think of yourself living in something so futuristic. Afterall, your home is supposed to be a place that feels cozy and comfortable, not complicated.

But you have to admit, as intimidating as it may seem, you also find yourself intrigued, right? Never having to worry if you forgot to close the garage or to figure out the most efficient way to set your thermostat does sound kind of nice.

So if you just want to dip your toes into the technology before diving right in, where can you start? Here are five easy ways to sample the conveniences of going smart!

1- Temperature

Wouldn’t you love it if you didn’t have to constantly fiddle with your thermostat in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home throughout the day? With a smart thermostat, your fiddling days are over.

Utilizing sensors placed throughout your home, a smart thermostat system will adjust automatically to keep you comfortable all day long. It will even react in real time to your location, whether home or away, and adjust accordingly. Adaptive learning means you don’t even have to program it. Since it’s smart, it programs itself!

Another perk to this program is the amount of energy it saves, reflected on your monthly utility bill.

2- Lighting

Smart bulbs (with wireless communication capabilities packed inside) can be swapped out for your traditional bulbs. They can be as simple as you want or more feature-rich with regulated heat output, changing colors, motion tracking, audio streaming, or connected cameras.

Smart plugs or sockets help you automate your plugged-in lamps, holiday lights, or outdoor floodlights. Many allow you to control whatever small appliance you plug into it.

Smart app-enabled switches allow you to control the lighting throughout your entire home with your device while still using your traditional bulbs.

Smart shades either let the sunshine in or block it out (and help with temperature control) with app- or voice-activated reliability.

3- Appliances and Sprinkler System

The same automated and learning capabilities of other smart products also apply to your home appliances and sprinkler system.

Smart vacuums perform well by creating a map of your home as it goes.

Kitchen appliances are getting in on the smart action. Big name brands such as Bosch, Electrolux, GE, and Whirlpool offer everything from refrigerators and dishwashers to washing machines and ranges with Wi-Fi connectivity to your personal device.

For outside your home, smart sprinkler controllers offer plug-and-play functionality. Some even connect to the cloud to get weather data and will adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

4- Security

Perhaps one of the fastest growing sectors in smart home automation is security. No longer are expensive, complex, wired security systems the only option. If you want peace of mind, it is a readily accessible option.

Smart locks and garage door openers enable your door to lock or unlock wirelessly through your device.

Smart video doorbells have an integrated motion detector to help you monitor who is at your door at any time. They will also video (and record to your phone) every visitor.

Indoor and outdoor smart cameras send alerts and live video feed to your device. Many even use night vision technology.

Other smart security products include door and window sensors, glass break sensors, motion detectors, safes, flood sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and medical wellness buttons.

5- Entertainment

Every one of your home entertainment needs can now be controlled on demand either by voice or through your personal device.

Smart speakers, TVs, Blu-Ray players, and remotes have all gotten into the action and make music and movies more interactive and enjoyable than ever.

By embracing new technology that will simplify your life and make you feel more secure, they can become a vital part of your home and you will never find yourself looking backward, only forward, toward living in and enjoying a fully-integrated smart home of the future.
If you’re interested in making life easier with one of these smart home products, contact us today to begin your home automation process!