4 Critical Functions Every Video Doorbell Needs

4 Critical Functions Every Video Doorbell Needs


Video doorbells are great.They let you see who’s at the door without even opening it, help maintain the security of your home, deter package thieves, and let you know when visitors stop by, even when you’re away.


Not all doorbells are created equal, however. Some lack basic functionalities that are critical to important uses for the device, leaving your home less secure, and making the device less useful. So forget the fancy extra bells and whistles—make sure the video doorbell you choose has the following four core features.


Two-Way Audio


What good is being able to see who’s at the door while you’re away, if you can’t talk to them about why they stopped by? Two-way audio is an important feature, because it allows you to communicate with your visitor. That means, whether it’s a friend, a neighbor, or the UPS guy, you can ask them why they came by, tell them a better time to reach you, or even tell them to hang tight if you’re on your way home.


Without this feature, you’re still missing the visitors that come to your house, video notwithstanding.


Secure Off-Site Video Storage


One of the best parts about having something like a video doorbell is having a record of what it sees, which you can go back and review. You can tell if your neighbor’s dog is “fertilizing the grass,” if your teenager snuck in late from a party, or if someone is stealing your Amazon deliveries. It’s a lot less useful, though, if the video isn’t securely stored off-site.


Keeping the records in your own home can be a hassle. Homeowners don’t always know how to set up the hardware necessary, or how to add additional storage. They also don’t necessarily know how to connect it to the internet for remote viewing. What’s more, that video isn’t necessarily secure, as home networks aren’t always protected in ways that can prevent intrusion. Those dedicated enough can steal, alter, or delete your recordings, rendering them useless.


Secure off-site storage remedies all of those problems. It’s kept physically and electronically secure, the hardware is maintained for you, and it’s always connected, meaning you can access it from anywhere.


Night Vision


Night vision is essential if, you know, you want to see what’s happening at night. Without it, the only way to tell if someone’s skulking around your property is if the porch light comes on. Night vision ensures that, day or night, activity near your door is recorded. So whether it’s a child returning home after curfew, or a would-be home invader, you’re catching it on camera.


Customizable Video Alerts


One very useful feature video doorbells are frequently capable of is video alerts—push notifications on your phone that occur when the camera picks up motion, giving you a live feed from the doorbell. The problem is, you don’t necessarily want these alerts all the time. You might not want them, for instance, around 3 p.m. when the kids are coming home from school. Maybe you only want them when the doorbell has been rung. Maybe you don’t want them when you’re in your house to answer the door.


Whatever your specifications, be sure you pick up a doorbell that allows you to customize the alerts, and when you receive them. Otherwise, you’ll just be annoyed by all the notifications, and be more likely to turn them off.
Smart home devices are great, but finding quality devices can sometimes take a willingness to ask questions and do a little research. If you’d like to know more about how to use smart home systems, contact the pros at AMP Smart.