How to Save Energy With Home Automation

3 Ways to Save Energy with a Home Automation System


Are you always looking for ways to save money, conserve energy, and be more earth conscious? With a home automation system, you can benefit from the advantages of having advanced technology protect your home and family while also saving a significant amount of energy. Below, you’ll find three ways a home automation system system can enable your home to become more energy-friendly.

1. Temperature Control

Take a minute to consider how much it costs you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. The Energy Markets Division (DOER) tracks energy prices and consumption, including the costs of heating homes during the winter. With colder-than-normal temperatures predicted for the coming winter, the price of natural gas heating is expected to rise considerably. In fact, DOER estimates that the average homeowner will pay $728 for natural gas, $2,171 for oil, $2,176 for propane, and $553 for electric throughout the winter.

Generally speaking, you can expect heating alone to account for nearly 60% of your household’s energy expenditures. However, with home automation features like AMP’s smart thermostat, you can save money while simultaneously saving energy. Powered by, this smart thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature of your home as soon as you leave, or if you accidentally leave a window or door open. Similarly, because of it’s compatibility with smart sensors located throughout your home, the smart thermostat is able to determine the most comfortable temperature for individual rooms and automatically adjusts during extremely hot or cold days to help conserve energy and save money.

Studies have shown that by including a smart thermostat in your home automation system, you can cut heating and cooling costs by more than 20%, meaning you can cut your home’s energy bill by over 10%.

2. Smart Energy Monitoring

We’ve come a long way since oil lamps and candles were the only sources of illumination. Inventions like the LED light bulb have been game changers when it comes to providing long-lasting, cost-effective lighting. With lighting costs accounting for more than 12% of the average annual energy cost, installing a smart home monitor with your home automation system can significantly help you save both energy and money.

AMP Smart’s Energy Metering device has the capability to monitor the energy output for the plug-in devices throughout your home including small appliances as well as various types of lighting including incandescent, fluorescent, LED, Halogen, and Xenon bulbs. Furthermore, because of its compatibility with the home automation system, the Energy Meter can be controlled wirelessly to turn lamps and small appliances on and off.

3. Remote Control

We’re all guilty of accidentally leaving home with doors unlocked, lights on, appliances powered-up, or the thermostat cranked. However, with a smartphone application that can connect remotely to your home automation system, you’ll never have to worry about wasting energy or leaving your home vulnerable to break-ins or other internal threats. Whether you’re hanging at a neighbor’s house or are vacationing half-way around the world, the smart home mobile app allows you to maintain control of your home from the palm of your hand. Being connected to your lighting, heating and cooling, and security systems means you can:


  • Adjust the temperature of your home when you’re coming home or leaving home
  • Ensure your lights are off when you’re away or on when you’re en route
  • Make sure windows and doors aren’t at risk of being opened by unwanted visitors or outdoor elements like strong winds and storms


The AMP Smart Mobile App affords you peace of mind and comfortable living all from the ease and usability of one simple interface. Powered by, a leading smart security system trusted by more than two million users, the AMP mobile app allows you turn your smart home system on and off from remote locations. Similarly, convenient controls allow you to power and observe system functions from anywhere in the world; whether you want to drop you home’s temperature during a heat wave or need to turn on lights for the house-sitter, this innovative app lets you do it all with the touch of a button.

Moreover, to give smart homeowners an added peace of mind, the AMP Smart app is remotely connected with your smart home system to receive alerts, alarms, and notifications anytime, anywhere. Not only does this allow you to maintain constant visibility into the safety, security, and efficiency of your home, but it also allows you to control the aspects of your home that can help save both energy and money.

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