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AMP Smart Panel

The Amp Smart Panel is the number one Home security and automation on the market!

Connected Car

Connected car keeps your peace of mind no matter who is driving your car.

Indoor Smart Camera

Get smarter video alerts and high-quality live and recorded video with the ADC-V515.

Amp Smart Video Doorbell

The Sky Bell is your first contact with someone who is at your door.

Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

This is our top of the line indoor camera that will make your life easier!


The key fob helps when your hands are full.


No matter the room size the motion sensor will pick up movement and set off the alarm.

LiftMaster Smart Garage Hub

The smartest garage door module on the market. Its loaded with features.
Home Security

Home Security

Keeping you and what is most important to you safe is our number 1 priority. We use the top of the line equipment, ensuring your safety and ease of mind.

Home Automation

Home Automation

Making your life easier and saving you money by automating your home. Everything from climate control to lights and even geo fencing. We’ve got you covered.



Solar is the newest way to power your home, and save you money.

Quick look at the features

5MP Integrated Camera

Takes photos and video, disarm, access and alarms

Duel Path Connectivity

WiFi and LTE Improve signal speed and reliability


Remotely control lights, locks, thermostats and more


Bluetooth disarming

WiFi and LTE improve signal speed and reliability

Ultra Compact

Large 7″ touch screen, low profile build, and clean design

Secure Encryption

Encryption signals sent to prevent hacks

Built-in Router

Secure private network reduces support calls

Integrated glass break sensor

Added value and security in your home. When glass breaks it sets off the alarm.

AMP Smart Mobile APP


Arm & Disarm Your System

No matter where you are, you are able to arm and disarm your system. Simply open up your AMP Smart App and select the arm or disarm button and you will have instant peace of mind

Enable Geofences

When you leave home your system knows and automates everything – turns off the lights, locks the doors, adjusts the temperature, closes the garage door, and sets your alarm. As a result, your home is more secure, energy efficient, and safe.

View Cameras & Stream Live

You can view your cameras and also live video feed, directly to your phone. If you need to check on your kids, or see what was that noise you heard, open up the app and start viewing.

Full Control of all your smart devices

The App is your hub to control all your smart devices. Change your home’s temperature with our smart thermostat, and even close your garage door if you forgot with the garage door module.

Manage Notifications

You will be notified any time your alarm goes off, any door is opened, and even motion in front of your cameras. But don’t worry you can customize when you are notified, with a simple few choices.

Total control in the palm of your hand

Literally control your entire house all by your smart phone. The AMP Smart App gives you full control of all your devices, alerts, and home automation equipment.


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